Steak & Seafood

Maxwell's Steak & Seafood Classic Steakhouse with a Maritime Twist

Maxwell’s features elegant dishes, and offers a wide variety of steaks from across Canada – handpicked by our Executive Chef Matt Mackenzie. We only use the freshest, and most sustainable local seafood and treat all our guests with the warmest Maritime hospitality. Pair this with our extensive wine list and classic cocktails, and Maxwell’s Steak & Seafood is a dining experience not to be missed.


Experience the Maritimes

Maritime hospitality begins as soon as you walk in the door – from the way you will be greeted, to the nostalgic ambiance. 

We stress over the finer details to create a memorable and unique culinary experience.


We Believe Good Food

Connects People

Our unwavering support of local and sustainable farmers is one of the ways we bring our community together. From our handpicked selection of steaks and seafood to our use of local vegetable producers-quality is our main priority.